Who we are

Scottish Country Dancing is very popular not only in Scotland but all over the world. Most dances are done by four couples in one longwise set. There are three kinds of dances: energetic reels and jigs and slower strathspeys:

(the videos were recorded in 2018 at the Green Farm Festival showing by our MSA demo-team)

Besides Scottish Country Dancing, the very energetic Highland dances and the rather simple Ceilidh dances (mostly danced in couples) are very popular, but are not practised by us on a regular basis.

The Munich Scottish Association was founded in 1973 by a group of Scots and friends of Scotland to further Scottish culture in Munich and the surrounding area. Our emphasis is primarily on Scottish country dancing at weekly dance classes. Participants of all ages are welcome to join our weekly class, with or without a partner: it goes without saying that you don’t have to be Scottish!

Other events run by our association include the traditional Burns Supper, ceilidhs and social evenings and social dances or balls. Our events and classes are mostly accompanied by live music, and we occasionally run courses for musicians interested in playing for dancing. Our close ties to other Scottish country dance groups in Europe and elsewhere, also via the umbrella organization in Scotland, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, result in exchange visits to dance courses and balls.

We were very pleased in 2011 to welcome Bob Ross as the Honorary President of the Munich Scottish Association.

Bob Ross was born in Kirkcaldy Scotland. He played the horn in the Munich Philharmonic until his retirement from the orchestra, and he is a conductor, entertainer, moderator and founder of the brass band “Blechschaden”.